We are the first company in India to install Helical Anchors/ steel screw piles for various turnkey projects like land development, oil field pipeline installation, over head transmission towers including the solar energy projects and various different projects related to steel helical piling. The pricing is very competitive as we have our own plant where we manufacture the steel piles and its accessories and thereby, making it economically viable to use our product & services for your projects.

We also design the helical Piers/ Screw Piles based on your soil test report, Over all Structural Load capacity, Vertical Load and Wind conditions in the project area.

Steel grades used in our products include ASTM A 106 Grade B/C, ASTM A 36 and ASTM A 39 to make our quality products. Also subsequent material grades are used to suit the steel specifications of you Country requirements.

Having our heavy-duty torque motor allows us to install the Helical Anchors starting from 2.5” pipe based pile to 6” Diameter Pipe based piles in Indian Soil. We also train your personnel (only for Indian Customers) to learn the art of installing anchors for all your future projects thereby, making the installation much economically viable for all your projects. We are the only company in India to install helical Piers/ Screw piles for projects in India for our clients.

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Designing of a Helical Pile starts with the Soil test report and the load structure on top of the pile to hold its structure. Prior to the design of a Helical Pipe Pile, the installation torque to be determined to properly determine its size, configuration and basic mechanical properties.

Proper installation torque is also required to assure appropriate installation equipment and machines are mobilized in the job site.

In most cases, one should not assume a constant value for axial capacity / Torque ratio for Helical Pipe Piles. Axial capacity / Torque ratio for a particular Helical Pipe Pile may vary significantly with depth, soil properties, helix size and the diameter of the Pipe shaft with respect to its wall thickness.

Installation torque will vary depending upon the degree of mobilization of the soil about the shaft.

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